How to Remove the hardcoded maximum of 1000000 Hz for SRC

Hello from France. Sorry for my bad english.

For scientific purpose. I want to upsampling audio to very high sample rate using the Resampler menu option in audacity (and not mix and render option). But i can’t write value superior at 1 000 000Hz, audacity say my “incorrect value”

I know the filter resampling work fine with all sample rate.

How to Remove the hardcoded maximum of 1000000 Hz ? A member say me its very simple, but note I’m not a programmer, have never code too.

I’m on Mac, I have download “wxWidgets-3.0.2 2” but i’m completely lost, i don’t know what i must do for using it and mod Audaity code for what i want.

Thanks for reading me.

You may have a long wait. Scientists have trouble with Audacity because it’s not a WAV or Mathematics editor. It’s a sound editor. If you can’t hear your work, that doesn’t seem a good fit for us.


I know but Audacity can already do what i want, but with mix an render option. I go back to 44,1 after all my processing for listen and it work good. I want to do this whit “resampler” because the resampling work better (it take 2x long time than “mix and render” with sample rate changed to process)

I just want remove the limite sample rate output in resampler menu, i think is not really complicated.

Build wxWidgets first, then build Audacity, without modifying it. This is the best way if you are a beginner. Look at this file in the Audacity source code: audacity/mac/Build.txt. That file tells you how to build wxWidgets and Audacity.

When you have successfully built Audacity, then we can tell you what to change in src/Menus.cpp.