How to remove the crackling sound in audio (sample included)

good day!

I just recorded an audio using my h1 zoom connected to a mixer.
there is a sample attached.
recorded it mp3 128 kbps
is it possible to remove the crackling sound?
we limit the audio to -12 yet still the crackling sound persist.
is the problem with my recorder or with the mixer connected to my h1?
first time experienced it.


It does sound like you’re badly overloading something. What’s the mixer and what are you recording and with which microphone? Just having the distortion go up and down with the performance volume but not get better or worse could mean there’s something broken at the microphone or mixer settings.

There is a Zoom connection for Mic or Line input but there doesn’t seem to be a switch. I don’t entirely trust recorders that like to pretend those two are the same. They’re not.

Your recording is almost entirely mono plus distortion (even though there are two blue waves) and it probably started out clear stereo, so that’s one hint right there.


These people claim it works, so we come back to your microphone and mixer setup.