How to remove such noise in this audio?

Please,tell me how to remove/reduce such noise in the 6 second sample I’ve attached .I’ve tried the “noise reduction”,but it didn’t help much.
I’m using the 3.0.2 version.

I’ve tried the “noise reduction”,but it didn’t help much.

That’s not noise. That’s voice processing distortion.

You can get that when you record the wrong sound channel on Skype or Zoom. That’s not the voice, that’s the voice processing trash that Zoom normally throws away.

Noise Reduction needs you to be able to tell where the words are to sample the background sound. This sample is too distorted for that.

There is a fuzzy rule that if you can’t understand the words, Audacity can’t help.


So,how to get rid of it,now?

Honestly, if your entire things sounds like that, the easiest way to get rid of it is to delete the entire track. And then make a new recording, preferably some test recordings so you can see if you’re recording the correct thing.

Actually not.This is just a small,say,silence part of it.So,how can i fix it,now?

The [u]Noise Gate Effect[/u] can automatically reduce (or completely silence) quiet parts.

With [u]Generate Silence[/u] you can manually select/highlight a section of audio and overwrite it with silence.

Or, you can select a section and hit the Del key on your keyboard to chop-out a section of audio that you don’t want.

Thanks!Have you listened to the audio?
The audio is a part of my voice recording,and the bothering noise/distortion appears also with my recorded voice.
So,how to get rid of it?

Why is that? Is it because the original recording was extremely noisy and you had to use high amounts of Noise Reduction?

Actually,i just want to remove the kind of noise in the sample I’ve attached.

You can’t just post a file of trash. We need a sample with real voices or music and the distortion.

Another problem is MP3. You can’t work, edit, or do production in MP3. MP3 is designed to be used just once. If you download an MP3 voice or MP3 music, you can only use it in your own production once or twice before it starts to sound like your sample. The distortion is permanent.