How to remove older LAME files

How do I remove older versions of lame? I am using Audacity 2.0 & running Windows Vista.
And do I know which is which? I have tried to download the lame files several times, after I removed an
older Audacity program. I finally think I have correct version showing in programs, but don’t know how to
remove the others.
Please help.
Thank you

First, make a note of which copy Audacity is using as follows:

  • In Audacity do Edit > Preferences > Libraries
  • Press Locate… for the LAME library
  • Press the Home key
  • Make a note of the drive letter, path and file name that Audacity is actually using

Next, from the Vista Start button (bottom left corner of your screen), use Windows File Search to Search for all instances of LAME on all your hard disk drives. This could take a few minutes to complete (coffee time!)

Study the Search Results carefully to identify any other LAME files (beware of files that happen to include that character string in their name: a song file named “Dont blame me.mp3” for example).

If there are other LAME files on your disks, you can delete them. They will go to the recycle bin. Leave them there for a couple of weeks while you do all your regular things on your system. It is just possible that you have other software that does want to use one of those other LAME files.