How to remove noise from sound track

Hey all.

I’m having issues removing noise from a sound track.

There are some spikes with a lot of noice, and when I’m trying to remove it, i’m removing the real noise too. Is there anyway to remove it and still keep the noice I want?

It is recoreded with a micoport. And there is something that rubs up on the microphone and at the same with the signal is bad/interrupted so it gives a lot of spikes too.

Please let me know if you want more details or the sound files or a better description.

noise remove 2.JPG
noise remove.JPG

The noise removal tools are intended to remove constant background sounds like minor hum or maybe a fan or air conditioner sound, not loud sounds that come and go as the performer moves. In addition, from your illustration, overloaded sound (red bands) is almost always permanently trashed.

You need a reshoot.


Hey Kozikowski.

Thanks for the reply.
But that seems a bit odd, because I had a sound engineer removing something like that, and now I’m curious how to do it.

You can try the [u]Click Removal[/u] or the [u]Repair[/u] effect.

There are also lots of [u]special purpose applications[/u] designed for removing clicks & pops from digitized vinyl records.

Depending on the amount and nature of the noise, just be aware that “the cure can be worse than the disease”.

Pros still record in soundproof studios with good equipment and good mic positioning, etc. On-location movie dialog is re-recorded in the studio. That’s because even pro software can’t do miracles.

I’m curious how to do it.

It’s possible to have different types of noise and some lend themselves to repair and some don’t. Get the engineer to solve the problem and write back how they did it.

It is possible with high energy or EDM to get a music track so jacked up that it appears as a sea of red bands and it’s not distorted at all, at least it matches the composer’s wishes. In that case, just Effect > Amplify to -1 or Effect > Normalize to -1 and the red bands will vanish and the music should sound like it did. But clicks and pops in a natural recording aren’t like that. Those are much harder to deal with.