how to remove multiple unwanted portions of a audio file? [SOLVED]

Hi, i’m using windows 10 and audacity 3.0.0. i tried to find answers using search tool in forum, but no luck, maybe i’m using wrong keywords. sorry if the answer has allready been posted elsewhere in forum. i want to remove multiple unwanted portions from a audiofile. like my audiofile has 3 minutes of length, but i want to remove 20sec to 30sec portion, 1m35sec to 1m45sec and 2m40sec to 2m50 sec portions from that audio file, so the new audio file would be of 2m30sec in length. please help me out, sorry i’m noob in audio editing.

See here for how to select audio:

  1. Select from 2m40sec to 2m50 sec.
  2. press the Del key.
  3. Select from 1m35sec to 1m45sec.
  4. press the Del key.
  5. Select from 20sec to 30sec.
  6. press the Del key.

thank you very much, is there anyway to upvote your answer or select your answer as best answer?

No, but I’ll close this topic now that the issue is solved