How to remove harddisk ticks

I am trying to remove clicks or noise from 2hour recording. These clicks were caused by the harddisk of the recorder IMHO.
I have tried Noise reduction and Notch filter but not any joy.

I would appreciate any help. I have attached a small clip to demonstrate the problem.


I can’t listen to your file 'cause I’m at work. But, try the Click Removal effect. Or, there are several specialized applications for cleaning-up digitized vinyl records and these can sometimes help with short-duration defects.

These clicks were caused by the harddisk of the recorder IMHO.

If it’s a mechanical/acoustic click picked-up by the microphone, that could be the case. The hard drive should not cause electrical/digital noise.

I have tried Click Removal but to no succes.
May be you will be so kind to listen to the clip and advise.
I cannot tell what that extra sound is…

Try this Nyquist plugin

It would have helped to give your Audacity version (see the pink panel at the top of the page). If you are using 2.1.0 or earlier, put the plugin in the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder and restart Audacity .

If you are using 2.1.1, see

You won’t be able to run Pop Mute on the entire audio at once because of the varying level of the music. You can make a reasonable job removing individual clicks, or work on groups of clicks that occur in music of the same volume. For example, Pop Mute at a threshold of -21 dB, Look Ahead 2, you can deal with the two clicks at about 11.3 and 12.3 seconds. In louder music you will have to raise the threshold (make it less negative) or you will create large holes in the music.

In any case there are already small dropouts in the recording.


I am sorry for not specifying THE versienummer but iT is 2.1.0.
Thanks for script, i Will certainly start werking with it

Not hard-disc clicks. IMO it’s another sound-source breaking-through in short-bursts at regular-intervals.
If so your recording is mixture of two recordings , so not fixable . Moral of the story : disable all the unwanted sound-sources.

Thanks Trebor,
This confirms what I was thinking but I am not such an expert yet; still learning… :wink:
This adds to my experience.

To me the noises sounded quite “mechanical” but not exactly like hard disk noises. What is the make and model number of the recorder? What are you recording - live concerts?


The recorder is a Yamaha AW1600 harddisk recording workstation.
The reording was a live concert evening of brass music and choir.

If you make a recording now of anything, like a conversation outside, can you reproduce those noises?


I have spoken with the person who did the recording and he told me that the harddisk of the recorder was completely filled up with data. Therefore the last recording consists of fragmented disk space. It seems that recorded data was partly overwritten due to errors in disk management of the recorder.

That’s an antique : maybe a previous recording on the [worn-out ?] hard-drive breaking through.
[ if there were no other sound sources attached, then it has to be data-corruption ].

A clicking hard-drive can be a bad-sign …

Apparently the hard-drive is user replaceable …

That sounds very plausible if there were no other external noises that could have been picked up, and if a recording made now with sufficient space does not produce clicks.


It turned out that the harddisk was choc a block with data and most likely started overwriting / mixing old recordings with the current one.