How to remove "exclusive" audio stamp?

Hi Guys,

I am relatively new to this software, but I love it. I use it on a Mac.

I have a track that I really love, but throughout the track, someone keeps saying (exclusive on how can I remove that?

Again, I use Audacity on a Mac.

Thanks a lot in advance.

If the problem occurs on just one track, then you will probably need to purchase that track from “blablabl;”.

If the problem occurs on all tracks, then you may have a fake version of Audacity. The correct (official) place to get Audacity from is here:

If the problem occurs on all tracks and you have the genuine Audacity program, then perhaps it is a trial version of a plug-in that is producing the message, in which case you would need to either remove that plug-in from your system or buy it.

For some reason website gets a double-red warning on WOT …

the “exclusive” watermark won’t be removable by Audacity or any other software.