How to remove "Created with free version for non commercial use" [SOLVED]

I’m a brand new user and have installed version 2.3.1 and running Windows 10. The first use file I edited i was trying to take a blip out of a piano track and it turned out to be quite easy. However when I come to export and save the corrected file I have this “Created with free version for non commercial use” that shows up about every minute in the saved file. How do I get rid of this? Hopefully that’s not the price we pay for this free program. I haven’t found any other complaints about this issue so am assuming I’m doing something wrong.


The official version of Audacity is fully functional and free. It does not create that message.

Most likely the message is coming from a trial version plug-in installed on your machine.

You solved my problem thanks. I told you I was a newbie so your suggestion led me to the free program that I used to convert my music file from MP4 to WAV. The message that I couldn’t remove was actually coming from that program. Once I ditched that conversion program problem was solved. Thank you for the quick response and for pointing me in the right direction.