How to remove Colon ":" on text left in tool in Version 2

When I write like this

"Example - Low" float "High" 0 1 1

“Example - Low” becomes “Example - Low:”. How do I disable that? I know this might be a DUH question, LOL, but I already searched the internet and searching here resulted 0 results. I’m using Version 2, not Version 3. Help me, please.

You would need to hack the Audacity source code (C++) and build your own custom version of Audacity.

Is it impossible to just do it in the Nyquist plugin without modifying the app?

Yes. The colon after a control label is created by Audacity for all Nyquist effects.

I think this is the code (

               auto prompt = XXO("%s:").Format( );
               S.AddPrompt( prompt );