How to remove click between connections?

Hi everybody, I’m a student of ancient music and I play historical flutes.Now I’m helping an accademy of ancient music trasposing its old recordings made on tapes to the digital format. Some parts of these recordings are damaged. For example now I have a pipe organ concerto starting with a long note which makes an innatural glissato.I’ve tried to delete the damage parts replacing them with others: the result is rasonable good but it has “clicks” between the connections.I’ve tried to remove them with the effect “click removal” but without success.
Do you have any suggestion?

If you zoom in far enough at the clicks so you can see the individual sample points you will see that you have a discontinuity there - this is what makes the click.

Then you can select up to 128 points surrounding the discontinuity and use Effect > Repair
See this page in the manual:

You can make selecting the number of samples easier by changing your Selection format to hh:mm:ss + samples in the Selection Toolbar.
See this page in the Manual:

This task is actually best done when you make the join - or just drop a temporary label at the join so you can find it easily for subsequent processing.


For best results you should try to minimise the clicks by making edits at (or close to) “Zero crossing points”. Also, ensure that the audio is free of “DC offset” before you start editing. See here for more details:

If a small click remains after making an edit with the above precautions, then the techniques described by waxcylinder should be most effective.

If you are having trouble finding the exact point of discontinuity, try using the “Play-at-speed” feature (green play arrow in square button) with the speed very low, say 0.01. Often, the discontinuity will be heard as a loud bump (be careful if you are using high-end speakers).