How to remove a damaged channel of a stereo wave file?

Hi folks,

i have some damaged stereo wave files, which one channel containing only noise.
Now i would like repair the wave files by copying the sound of the faultless channel over the channel which contains only noise. Can this be don in audacity? (Using 1.3.4 Beta on Linux).
Would there be a noticeable difference between convertig the wave file to mono (keeping only the good channel) instead of duplicating the sound data of the valid channel? (How) Is it possible to convert one channel of a stero wave file to a mone wave file?
Please let me know if you have any informations about.
Thanks in advance,

Click on the track name, and select Split Stereo Track to get two mono tracks, one for each channel of the file. You can do copy and paste, then re-export if you want a “stereo” file with the data twice. Alternatively, delete the track you don’t want (x button top left) and then on the remaining track’s pop-down menu select “Mono”. Now export to get a mono file half the size (for uncompressed formats) with the same quality.

About the only reason not to go to mono would be for creating audio CDs, where you can’t have mono tracks.