How To Reimport Multiple Exports?

I had a great big .wav of many tunes which I used Audacity to cut into many little .wavs, one for each tune. Exported them. Labelled them and exported by label.

Made a .cue with imgburn of some of them and burned it. Made another with the rest and burned. Lovely.

But I forgot to normalise before I did it. So I’ve got these two audio cd’s with pretty poor levels between tracks.

I’m looking at about 40 tracks here. Is there some way to import them all back into Audacity - labels and all, so’s I can normalise and burn again? When I selected them all for opening into Audacity it started bringing them in one after the other with a separate instance of Audacity for each one.

“File menu > Import”
Then select all of the files.

They will import as tracks one below the other. Don’t press the Play button! (they will all play at once and will be very loud).

If you wish to maintain the relative volume between all tracks, select all of the tracks (Ctrl + A) then use the Amplify effect.
If you wish to amplify all tracks as much as possible (which may make some tracks sound louder than others), use the Normalize effect.
See here for a discussion about the difference between Amplify and Normalize:

When you have amplified (or normalized):
If you wish to preview specific tracks, use the “Solo” button on the left end of the track so that you can play that track on its own.
If your computer is not fast enough, playback may stutter, but that should not have any affect on the final files.

To export the tracks as separate files:
Ensure that none of the tracks are muted (important if you used the Solo buttons).
Then use “Export Multiple” to export each track as a separate file. (see:

Top Tip:
Keep a backup copy of your original files and put them somewhere safe before you start (just in case).

Thank you for that. I’ll get onto it.