How to reducie my own voice

Thank you for accepting my membership. I am very new here and never used Audacity.
My usual problem is that my voice is too loud when I make video. I should like to keep the children’s voice, music or twittering and diminish or take away my own voice. I suppose, many amateur “family-cameraman” has the same problem, holding the mobile and “command the actors”.
My voice is about 100Hz,
What is the best method? Is there any tutorial about this?

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So you’re the camera operator and the lead announcer? That’s not a good combination. Physical spacing between the performer and the microphone is a Really Big Deal. I once played two different people in a show by messing with that spacing and its sound change.

We can’t split a mixed performance apart into individual voices, instruments or sounds for processing. So the best we can probably do is squash everything down so the difference isn’t quite so bad. The other performers may get a little squashed, too.

Fair warning, you will always sound close and intimate like lovingly speaking directly into someone’s ear and they will always sound like speaking across the room.

May be we can do Less Worse.

There are compressors and limiters that do some of these jobs, but I like Chris’s Compressor which is a separate download and install.

I listen to a radio show on-line and its two performers have wildly different voice volumes. That was OK on the actual radio because the broadcast compressors helped even everything out. Not on-line. One performer mumbles in his beer and the other has a thermo-nuclear laugh.

I apply Chris with all the standard settings except I change the first setting Compress Ratio from the default 0.5 to a stiffer 0.77. That changes the show into a broadcast sound—without the radio noise.

Other may post with alternatives. This is where I tell you how to shoot his and not have this problem, but I think you’re stuck. Hollywood Movies are shot in separate scenes to get around this. Shoot > Stop > Instructions > Shoot > Stop > …repeat.

Others may post. Sound compression isn’t my strong suit.


Could manually reduce each instance of your loud voice with the envelope tool

but If there are many such instances that method will take an eternity.

I would be satisfied with the Less Worth.
I could extract the map in Plug-ins. It is a map, but Compress Dynamics does not appear in the Manager so I cannot enable it, so I cannot find it among the Effects.
I tried even with the Envelope tool, but I can not manage it. I try first with Compress Dynamics. How can I enable it?

Attached is a copy of compress.ny version 1.2.6 the last known working program.

Move it into the folder where Audacity is expecting it to be. I’m not a linux elf, so I would have to look that up if you don’t know.

Launch Audacity. Effects > Add/Remove Plugins > scroll down to Compress &dynamics. If you never find that exact name look for compress.ny in the filename listings on the right.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 7.14.02.png
Select it > Enable > OK. Don’t forget this step. Just because you pointed to it doesn’t mean it’s going to get enabled.

Select the show. Effects > Compress dynamics.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 7.15.47.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 7.32.33.png
I change the first value from 0.5 to a stiffer 0.77.

Chris is a look-ahead compressor, so it’s much better at knowing ahead of time when there’s going to be a change in volume. There are no surprises. There is a down side to that. Chris doesn’t like running off the end of the file. Copy about ten seconds of sound and paste it to the front and back of the show. After Chris is finished, cut them off.

Chris designed this so he could listen to opera in the noisy car without constantly pumping the volume control up and down. Full Orchestra followed by one tired tenor in the south forty.

The shortcomings in the program are not likely to be fixed because Chris reached end-of-life a while ago.

compress.ny (16.9 KB)

Thank you very much, it was a very good help.

I suceeded to enable compress.ny in Audacity, but I could not diminish my voice with it.
But the best effect I could find for this aim is Bass and Sopran. The music I want to keep is a girls voice and higy frequencies, my voice is deep. So I could draw down the Bass to 0 and my voice disappeared. This could not work with Leonard Cohen in the background :slight_smile:

I could not diminish my voice with it.

Chris’s job is to keep one voice from being louder than the others.

Software doesn’t “know” what a voice is. All it knows is collections of tones and some other tricks like microphone direction. That’s it. If you got this job to work at all, you got lucky.