How to reduce noise?


I have Audacity 2.0.1 and use Windows 7.

I am to edit a long movie clip (15 years old) which, I have noticed, has attracted a lot of background noise (crackling, etc).

Is it possible to reduce this ‘noise’ in Audacity?

Thank you.


No. Probably not. The Audacity Noise Reduction tool is for quiet, constant noises like air conditioning rumble or computer fan noises. It won’t do anything for static or a bus starting up outside the window or the dog barking next door. It works by “memorizing” a segment of noise without the performance, and then trying to remove that memorized portion from the rest of the show. If the noise changes at all between the two steps, it stops working.

You might try the vinyl record tools. They can have similar noises.

This is an older Audacity, but some of the tools are the same.


There are some tips about noise removal here:

Many thanks to you both for your replies and links.

I will investigate them now.