How to reduce drum thumps [SOLVED]

I want to remove(reduce maximally) the BITS (or i dont know what is that called).
for example, here i have selected an area (where you can hear that ugly bits):

How to do that?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean and I don’t hear anything wrong.

It doesn’t sound like real instruments, but I assume it’s not supposed to sound like real instruments.

It is not hard to understand my question.
I dont know what to call that, dont you hear the bit (the hitting noise repeating, like hitting my head).
I am not a electronic music guy, and dont know what to call that, bass, bit or whatever it is.

I mean the hitting sound (like a hammer knocking at every half second).
So, i want there to be left only melody (without that hammer knocking noise)

You mean you want to take the “drum” sound out. That’s not going to happen.
The beat can be reduced a bit, but it’s mixed in with all of the other sounds and you can’t just “un-mix” it.

This is the best that I could manage:

To achieve that, I split the audio into high frequencies and low frequencies by first duplicating the track, then using the Equalization effect to remove low frequencies from one copy and remove high frequencies from the other. I then use the “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” effect to remove centre panned sound from the low frequency track, and used the “Pop Mute” effect to reduce the peaks in the high frequency track.

Instructions for downloading and installing the Pop Mute effect are here:

The only practical solution is to reduce the thumping beat, rather than remove it completely.
If it was totally removed there would be silence, not melody, where the thumps were.

The thumps can be reduced using the “DeClicker.ny” plugin for Audacity here.

The DeClicker settings I used.png

Guys, thanks! that was i wanted.