How to recover the cut sound?

Hello, I would like to ask for some advice.
I managed to download a song but unfortunately this version is a little bit cut at the end - around 1second shorter than it should be.
As a consequence the last sound is cut, definitedly sounds as the music is suddenly switched off. Is there any way to recover the aftersound ?
Im sorry for my lack of professional vocabulary but Im audacity beginner.

You can’t “recover” what doesn’t exist…

You can try adding a fade-out.

Or, you can add some echo and/or reverb over the last few seconds which will extend it a few seconds longer. I like to “match” the echo-delay to the tempo. That’s a bit tricky… You’ll need to add some silence to make the file longer first. And since these effects add to the existing sound to making it louder you may need to use the Envelope tool to adjust the levels, or maybe use limiting to knock-down the peaks.

Or if you are feeling very creative and you have lots of time to experiment, you can take a short bit from elsewhere in the song and splice it onto the end with a crossfade. Typically a part with a drum fill or cymbal crash works best.

There are two fade-out effects in Audacity - and for my money the better of the two is the “Studio Fade Out” it handles the fade a little more cleverly than a simple fad like Fade Out does.

I usually fade for about 10-15 seconds - shorter can still sound unnatural - but you can experiment and use Undo to reverse the fade and repeat until you are happy.