how to recover multiple unsaved files (or even deleted)

usually when i open audacity it gives me a list of files to recover that had been workin on but did not save an asks would i like to recover it. this time it didnt. im freaking out. how do i recover my tracks. (was more than 1 recording)SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!

We can’t save you without information to go on (see the pink panel at the top of the page). What version of Windows or other system? What are all three Audacity version numbers from Help > About Audacity… (or Audacity > About Audacity… on Mac)?

Why is Audacity crashing? Do you have the latest 2.0.6 version? Is the entire computer crashing?

Did you ever save an Audacity project (AUP file)? If so, force quit Audacity in Task Manger or similar, then open the AUP file. That will get you back to the last time you saved a project.

If you never saved an AUP file, did you export a WAV file? It is always a good idea to export WAV after as soon as you finish recording and at important milestones if you are editing the recording.

If there is no AUP or WAV you can go back to, force quit Audacity and attach the AUTOSAVE file from Audacity’s folder for application data. The AUTOSAVE file is the file Audacity would try to recover from. Please see Audacity Manual for where that folder is and see for how to attach files.

If there no AUTOSAVE file in the folder for application data but there is a TMP file, rename the file from TMP extension to AUTOSAVE extension then start Audacity again. If you are on Windows, please show file extensions in Explorer so that you can rename the TMP file.


usually when i open audacity it gives me a list of files to recover

How often do you need to do that? That’s a danger sign. If your computer is in trouble, this last failure may be a sign of the problems getting worse.