How to recover history after closing and opening a project


Last night I did a recording that lasted around 25 minutes. The recording was too long so I deleted it and restarted. The next one was only around 9 minutes. I kept the project file open all night and in the morning I realized that I wanted a small portion of the 25-minute long one back. So I clicked ctrl z and went back to the 25-minute one… but for some reason, my headphones weren’t showing up on the output selection. So I saved the project and reopened it to get the headphones as the output. I took the small section and exported it, only to find that I couldn’t go back to the 9-minute-long one that I had recorded. I have done some looking and it seems that the undo/redo history is saved until the project is closed and reopened…

is there any way to recover the undo/redo history after the project has been closed and reopened?

Correct. The history and all associated data is permanently deleted when the project is closed.

No. That’s one reason why I’d recommend making backup copies of the project at regular intervals while you work.

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