How to recover after a crash without saving?
OSX Yosemite 0.10.5 (14F2411)
Recording a podcast episode, aprox 45 mins in length. Using Blue Yeti USB mic to record.

When finished pressed stop then when trying to save got an error message, that i missed, and then it asked me if it could open another program to debug? And now I have spinning wheel and cant save the file and dont know what to do?

Program has been hung for a good 15minutes.

Can I just force quit and the file will be recoverable?

Appreciate the help!

No guarantees about the show.
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 21.56.27.png
I think that’s still current. If the machine is completely balled up, you can emergency crash it by holding the power button for a really long time. If you do that, you should probably close all the apps and restart it a couple of times.