How to record yourself while at the same time hear yourself?

Sorry for my english, but i need to know that in order to perform my work(recordings) in Audacity. Is it possible in Audacity at all?
I want drop my audio in Audacity that below create a track and record vocals over it, and you know i want to hear myself.

you know i want to hear myself.

That’s the hard part. Most computer headphone connections deliver a live voice late because of internal processing delays. We recommend one of the hardware techniques that let you plug the headphones into the recording device, not the computer. Those work perfectly well.

If hearing yourself is not important, then almost any computer soundcard and microphone can be made to work. Please note that only fast computers work well because the computer has to play the old tracks perfectly and record your voice perfectly all at the same time. Older, slower computers that can’t manage those two at once will not work.


All you have to do is get an interface, (Well this is how I do it anyways) and then plug your headphones into it. Its as simple as that. Good luck :smiley:

That’s all covered in the wiki. It took us a while to get that together.

Thank. But im got cheap a la skype mic. :wink: :laughing:

It doesn’t matter what the microphone is or how it’s connected as long as you don’t need to hear yourself during the performance. Koz

but I’m just the opposite I want to hear myself. I understand that I need to plug my condenser mic through audio interface and then in audio interface i must plug my phones.Then i will hear the perfomance.