How to record with Audacity through RevalverMk ii?

I recently started to use Audacity to record my electric guitar.
so far i used my distortion pedal plugged to the guitar, and then to the computer.
How ever, i now use Revalver MK ii instead of my distortion pedal.
The problem is,when i try pressing the record button it says - “Error while opening sound device.Please check the input device and the project sample rate.”
it appears only when i try to run both softwares Audacity and Revalver MK ii.
I understand that there is a conflict between the two?
any idea guys?

<<<Both platforms contain a Live Host, which on Mac uses CoreAudio, and on Windows ASIO, WDM.>>>

If you’re on Windows, the ASIO drivers could be causing problems. There’s a famous conflict there.


I see.
Revalver MKII would not work on my system without ASIO.
any suggestions how to make it work with another driver that works with Audacity & Revalver MKII instead of ASIO?
or should i buy a better sound card , that will work with revalver without ASIO?

By far the easiest way is to use a different program for recording (something that will work with ASIO). You can then export or save from that program as a WAV file and use Audacity for editing without ASIO.