How to record with audacity sounding good not like crap

Hi first of all im a total noob, so sorry. Well, i bought a Numark Mixdeck Express and i want to record some mixes ive made, the process i do is: connect the mixer to the laptop via rca-3.5mm cable and open audacity, then hit record button in audacity, everything seems fine but when i listen to the record it sounds so horrible, its the same result regardless genre, if its mp3 or wav. Someone told me to put the mic input level of the program in the minimum (like .10 or .05). Still not working.

What am i doing wrong? Do i need something else? Please help me, thank you.

Most likely the input you are using on your laptop is intended for a “PC Microphone” and does not accept line level audio (also probably mono to boot). There are a few laptops out there were the audio input can be configured for line vs microphone. Usually this is an automatic popup “What did you just plug in” so you might check the documentation for your particular laptop. Most likely your best solution will be a small external USB soundcard such as the Behringer UCA-202.

This computer doesn’t have a blue stereo line-in connection.


What Koz is suggesting here is using a Behringer UCA-202 (as he does) or similar. With that you can plug a line-level device into it and it will convert to a digital signal and send it you your PC via USB …

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