How to record what is playing on computer

I have windows 7 operating systems and I just down loaded Audacity 2.0.5!

I am trying to record the music which I am playing on computer, How do I do it? How do I choose input for recording? :laughing:
see if this helps.

I have same issue. Went to that help page and it helped me to be able to hit the rec button without an error message. However clueless on how to record computer audio to an mp3 file. Would like this to be simple like it was with Freecorder before they ruined it with malware.

Please read the Tutorial again: Audacity Manual .

Audacity isn’t just made for people recording computer playback, so there can’t be an immediate setting to do that.

If you are on Windows Vista or later it could not be much simpler.

Look in Device Toolbar .

Change the Host to Windows WASAPI.

Change the output device to your speakers or headphones (the device you are playing sound to).

Change the input device to the exact same device that you chose for output, except it will have (loopback) written after it.

If you need more help, please say exactly what version of Windows and what version of Audacity (see the pink the panel at the top of the page).

To export MP3, add LAME to your computer: Audacity Manual .