How to record voice

I have Windows 7. Installed Audacity version 2.0.3
I want to record my voice through Audacity using my laptop.
Tried several time. Could not do it.

Do you have a microphone? What sort? How is it connected to the computer?
Does Audacity run OK?
Why didn’t it work? What happened?
Have you checked the FAQ?

I have RAINBOW RB-708U head phone with mic. Mic is USB connected. Audacity runs OK.

I clicked as below :

Start> Control Panel> Sound> Recording Tab

There is two items as : Microphone and Linein. I have tested

by selecting each one. No use.

I have slight doubt in this Sound recording problem in my Windows 7.

But I cannot solve it. Still need help

Your microphone does not appear to be enabled in Windows.

The only information I found on Google for the RAINBOW RB-708U was one small picture - it appears to show some sort of control widget built into the USB lead - does that have any microphone controls? Is the microphone turned on?

Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and look for a USB recording device - if it is not visible, try “Show Hidden devices” and “Show disabled devices”. If it still does not show, check the USB lead and reboot the computer.

Audacity will not be able to use the device (microphone) until Windows enables it.

Now ok. It was the problem of USB headset. The head set has built-in driver. That is creating conflict.
I used non-usb headset. The works good. Thanks a lot for all response.