How to record two casette sides to one audio cd

I have imported 2 cassette sides to two Projects / files. I have labeled them and I have Multi-exported them.

What is the best practice to combine the 2 cassettes to one audio CD?

Multi-exported them.

So you have a pile of WAV (Microsoft) sound files from side one and another pile from side two? We hope you didn’t do the export in MP3…

Assuming you didn’t call the two piles the same filenames, drag them all into iTunes. Create a PlayList, drag everything to the playlist, rearrange them as you see fit (iTunes will not insist on computer-order or alphabetic listings in the playlist).

File > Burn Playlist to Disk.

Let iTunes prompt you to put a fresh disk in the machine. If you put a fresh disk in too soon, select “Ignore” when it asks you what to do.

I’m not expecting this to be a problem, but Audio CDs will not go over about 78 minutes. You won’t get the 80 minutes it says on the box.

Also, Audio CDs do not carry song titles. If you play this in the car, it may tell you Track-01, Track-02, etc. If you play it in a computer, the computer will go on line and try to look up the songs and the titles for you.


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