How to record tracks from iDJ2?


Please bare with me my neophyte knowledge of the recording process. I recently bought a Numark iDJ2 (an MP3 mixing platform) and want to record my mixes using Audacity. I bought a Behringer UCA202 sound card and I have the record out RCA’s cables plugged into the input line’s of the sound card. The sound card’s USB is plugged into my MAC Powerbook. I made all the adjustments to the Audio MIDI setup that the Audacity help page advises.

So, my question is - how do I get the tracks that I’m mixing from my iDJ2 to show up on Audacity for recording?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

You need to set the recording input in Audacity to match the audio input that you are using (the Behringer USB).
You set it in “Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O”

I’ve already done that, and still nothing. Sorry, I should have stated that earlier. Thanks for the reply though.

You also need to say if you able to record in any other software with the UCA202. (Is it an Audacity problem, or is it a problem getting the UCA202 to work with anything?)

I haven’t tried recording with any other software with the UCA202. I really don’t have a clue what to do. I think everything is correctly setup.

It’s a bit quiet on the forum at the moment, and I don’t know about macs, so you may need to come back after Christmas.

However something to try:
If you are new to Audacity, try recording from the analogue input on your mac and see if you can get Audacity working that way. When you’ve got Audacity working, plug in the Behringer, restart Audacity and select the Behringer input instead of the analogue input.

Thanks for the help. I tried using Sound Studio and everything works fine. Must be some kind of bug with Audacity.

Cool - that means your hardware is working correctly. Now if it works in Sound Studio, it should also work in Audacity - you just need to carefully look at how the sound devices are set up in Sound Studio, and set up Audacity exactly the same.