How to record the sound in my headphones??

The OS X I am using is “OS X El Capitan” version 10.11.6, and I have Audacity version 2.1.2 and received the .dmg installer.

I’m having a problem with recording the sound I hear in my headphones. I’m using a screen recorder called quicktime to record videos for a youtube channel. It uses my built in mic for the sound which has a slight echo with my voice and makes the people i Skype with or the sound of my game very quiet and echoey. When I try to use my headphones, which are bluetooth wireless, quicktime can pick up my voice with its microphone so there isn’t any echo. but I cant figure out how to get Audacity to record what I hear through my headphones, such as the people I Skype with or the noise of a game becuase when I use quicktime with the headset, it only picks up my voice.

Is local voice echo the only complaint you have doing it the old way? Do the people at the far side of Skype have any complaints about sound quality using any of these methods?

I’m not clear, you’re trying to Skype and Game at the same time? Aren’t the people on the far side playing the game with you?


what i’m trying to say is basically I want Audacity to record the sound from my computer (what I am hearing through my headphones)

I’ve been using the SoundFlower add-on software on my Macs.