How to record sound from different angles

Hey guys I was wondering if there was a way to record sound in such a way where for example it would come from the top right of a headphone (or sound like it) and so forth?

I am using a PC -Toshiba
Audacity 2.1.0


There are no simple, reliable ways to do UP and DOWN. You can set Left and Right easily with the L/R timeline panning control to the left of the blue waves, but Up and Down generally means someone went out with special microphones and recorded a performance that way in addition to Left and Right, and then played it back through multiple speakers on the ceiling.

There are phasing tricks you can do. The fourth segment in this sound test is intentionally perfectly out of phase and for some people it sounds like I’m speaking behind you. Other people just hear a hollow-tunnel sound. It’s not reliable.

“This is my voice on the left…”


okay thanks

What you want to do is possible.

Many many years ago there was a demonstration done where some engineers mounted microphones in the ear canals of a complete dummy head. They then place the head in a number environments. The resulting stereo recording, when listened to with headphones was quite uncanny. I have the LP, but it’s still in the “to digitize” stack.

To simulate the effect (ie take a mono track and process it into a stereo track such that the sound seems come from a specific direction) is probably also possible, but I don’t know how complicated the necessary processing is.

Isono can do this:

This is an expensive, professional plugin for game devs. I don’t know if it even works with Audacity.

Waves also has an offering, but it’s also expensive and doesn’t work with Audacity:

Tokyo Dawn Labs has a freeware plugin that also does “proximity”:

Bpan from the Hochshüle für Müsik Zürich is also free:

Wigware is also free:

And you could also take a look at Acousmodules

Most of these will still need a way to go from ambisonic (surround) back to stereo and I haven’t tried that myself yet.