how to record on multiple tracks in same project

my search doesn’t bring up anything really related to this…not found in tutorials so far:

i just want to be able to start a new project and add tracks as i find new audio i wish to record. i am able to record on a single-track project. when i add a track and select it so the border is yellow and then press record, it plays/records the content of the previous track rather than recording something my system is playing from somewhere else.


Rather than, or in addition to? The down side of recording Everything Playing On The Computer (Stereo Mix), is that it records Everything playing on the computer. Try muting the tracks you don’t want to appear in the new recording. MUTE buttons on the left.



i meant rather than this time. that worked…i did see the mute button demonstrated in other scenarios but didn’t think of that since i didn’t think i should be causing the previous track to play–esp.'ly if not selected.

It sounds like you have set things up so that Audacity will record what your system is playing, so (obviously?) if Audacity is playing a previous track while recording, that will also be recorded.

Recording new tracks while existing tracks are playing is a common technique called “overdubbing”. It allows you to, for example, have a backing track recorded, and then record vocals onto a new track while listening to the backing track. However, “overdub” should not be enabled while recording “sounds that are playing on your computer”, because, as you have discovered, that will record all sounds that are playing on your computer.

To disable overdub, de-select the overdub option in the “Transport” menu.