How to Record my voice and Music onto my PC

First let me say I’ve spent a little time reading some topics here and I can honestly say the wealth of information you all have provided is incredible, Thank you!!

Basically I’m trying to do what so many are doing and that is to broadcast my own Radio Music show, but before I go “live” I want to practice and listen ot my own shows and see how it will sound, so my main question Is Audacity the right way to go? I’ve heard some on-line shows that are very good (Sound Wise) and some that are just terrible,Like the DJ and the music being played sounds like its coming out of a Tin Can!

I want to be able to record my voice and then music tracks from my Music Library onto my PC and then listen to a playback.
Can anyone lead me in the right direction to put this all together?

Thanks in advance

See here:

have a read of this: