How to record music with my voice

I’m trying to record music from my computer and sing along to it. When I have Audacity set to “Micro Array” then it records my voice but not the music. When I set it to “Stereo Mix” then it records the music but not my voice. I can’t figure out how to record both at the same time. Isn’t this possible?

You could try with the “Listen to this device” option associated to your microphone, it will make your system to repeat the sound from your mic. Then use Stereo mix as recording device in Audacity.

There is also another option, which I believe to be better; record the music as first step, and then overdub with your microphone.

Audacity will record from one thing. Your microphone is one thing and the music player is another thing. Pick one.

You can play music on the computer and sing into a microphone and record the mix on the second computer.

I did something similar with a computer and a sound mixer. The computer plays music into the mixer and you sing into a microphone connected to the mixer. The mixer combined output goes into the computer record system. Since it’s one thing (with both sounds on it) Audacity will have no trouble recording this.

As above, you can totally play the music into an overdubbing session. Audacity will capture your voice as a second track with the music on the first. Mix, process, and filter as needed into one song.


There are some external audio interfaces which will allow you to do this; I use the Yamaha AG03, which has a ‘loopback’ function to do this.