How to record multiple tracks at the same volume?!

I just installed Audacity today to record music. I was trying to record a harmony on guitar, and while I’ve figured out how to record two tracks, their volume levels are such a pain. The first track is pretty much clear, and I have no issue with it. The second track, however, when I play there is barely any audio. It doesn’t pick the audio up, aside from 2 or 3 blips. What can I do to resolve this issue? I would like to apologize in advance, I’m not that great at explaining things, so if something doesn’t sound right, that’s the reason.

Some info that might be helpful : I’m playing a classical guitar, I’m using Windows Direct for my audio host, Primary Sound Capture Driver for recording device, Mono recording channel, Speaker (Realtek(R) Audio) for playback, and my recording volume is 0.91 Plus, I’m very new to this, so I don’t know what a lot of this stuff means.

The [-/+] track gain-slider

is a volume-control for each individual track.
You can adjust them while the Audacity project is playing to get the volume levels to your taste.

Didn’t do anything…this is what my screen/audio waves look like every single time, no matter what I do

So you successfully recorded track 1, but the 2nd (consecutive) track is just occasional sounds …

IMO it’s not an Audacity problem: IMO it’s either Windows-audio recording-enhancements,
(which should be turned off if you are recording music), or the audio-interface that your guitar is plugged into is set to duck when it receives sound above a threshold from the computer, (the first track).

My guitar isn’t plugged into anything, but I did some research and I did come across someone else saying something similar to the Windows recording enhamcements…thx for the info!!