How to record from SPDIF optical

Windows 10
Audacity 3.0.0

I’m trying to record from the Digital 2 output of a Roland VS-1680. The Toslink cable is going to a Canopus DA-Port USB, which then goes to the computer’s USB port. When I try to record, the red record triangles in the timeline appear, but doesn’t move.

Do you have anything to swap-around? i.e. Can you plug the Roland into a home theater receiver to check the Toslink output? Do you have a DVD or Blu-Ray player with Toslink to check the Canopus?

Canopus DA-Port USB

Is that supposed to work? Of course, you need a digital-to-digital conversion.

It looks like you can record directly to the Roland. There can be advantages to keeping the computer out of the picture until after recording. And if you are multitrack recording the Roland may not support multi-tracking to the computer, and Audacity seems to often have trouble with that too. (I don’t have a multichannel interface and haven’t tried it.)

Does the SPDIF input show up in the Windows Sound control panel?
If it does, do you see any activity in the recording level meter when you input a signal through SPDIF?