How To Record Correctly

Windows 10, Audacity 2.4.2

Hello, I wonder if anybody can help me.

I have a track recorded from line input. I wish to record a second track over it. So I create a new track, and start recording into it. I can hear the first track while recording, but the problem is that the second track records the first track as well as recording the second track. So I end up with the first track twice, which is not what I want.

So my goal is to play the first track and record the second on top, without the first also being recorded on the second track. Obviously I can mute the first track, but then I can’t hear it.

Record/transport options are set to “overdub” .

I should be grateful for any help. It’s probably something simple I don’t know about Audacity (I hope not: I’ve been using it for years!)

Many thansk


It is not necessary to manually create a new track. You can just press “Shift + Record button” or “Shift + R” to start recording to a new track.

Set the “recording device” in the Device Toolbar to the actual device that you wish to record from (for example, your microphone).

Thanks Steve. That solved it! For some reason the record input had changed to “speakers” without me noticing.

I thought it odd, as I had not noticed it happening before!

Many thanks!


One possibility: Conferencing apps (such as Skype / Zoom) have a habit of changing the sound settings, which in turn can affect Audacity.