How to record audio from speaker .

I am trying to grab an audio from a site …
when the play button was pressed , a voice will read out that particular line…

Tried to read through the tutorial … but can’t find what i want …
( maybe i am not patience enough ? )
so i seek experts’ help here … to get a fast and direct answer…
parden me an old man ( 65 years old now ) … haha … can’t really read through all the pages …

How do i set up the Audacity to grab the audio coming out from my PC’s speaker ??
i go this when i tried to record …
error Audacitu.jpg

any helps rendered will be VERY much appreciated …
Thanks in anticipation …

Please see:


Check Audacity settings

Did this …

Check operating system settings

Did this too …

Use MME or Windows Direct Sound as your Audio Host

Used Windows Direct Sound.


Error Opening recording device
Error code:-9996 Invalid device

The Manual states

9996 Invalid device: this means that the sound device is not valid, if it is an external sound device:

  1. it may have been unplugged
  2. you may have a faulty or loose connection
  3. you may have a bad lead
  4. the device itself may be faulty.


I saw that too …
But it don’t mean anything to me …
Because they ONLY may be … All of them .

Should had also add in
(5) may be this software can’t be operated in Asia …
and a lot more of MAY BE i can suggest to you.

  1)  it may have been unplugged
  2)  you may have a faulty or loose connection
  3)  you may have a bad lead
  4)  the device itself may be faulty.

Should had advised us how we check for the problem …

It is just like question unanswered.
Do you think i didn’t look at that HELP item before i posted … ??

What that error message (and the further explanation in the Manual) is telling you is that you have a hardware fault - not a fault with the app or your operating system. We can’t diagnose your hardware or tell you how to fix it, sorry.

Note that you have told us nothing about your hardware setup, computer type/model type? OS? external soundcoud? - so that gives us little to work on.

Could you add some more of that detail and tell us more about what you are trying to achieve?

You’d be surprised how many posters don’t do that :wink: - I’m impressed that you did. :sunglasses: