How To Record a Storybook on CD?

Hi, I would love some help of what kind of software I need to download for Windows Vista for recording a storybook on a CD?

Can anyone help me? I have headphones and a microphone attached to it already but just want to know what to use to record?

Thanks so much for any help,



Do you mean you want to make the storybook (ie you will read the story and record it in audacity).

You will not need any other software apart from your pc and audacity to do this. All you need to do is talk into the mic, record it, then export your tracks as wav files (or mp3) then burn these files to a cd and hey presto there is your cd storybook.

To get the best sound ideally you will record into a mic through a pop screen and into a mixing desk then into your computer but this isnt totally nessesary if you have a reasonable usb mic and you can always adjust the eq in audacity.

Check out the “Tips” and “Tutorials” on the Audacity wiki for lots of helpful information.

Vista can be a bit of a pain at times, so it may be worth looking at this page as well: