how to record a shout

I can’t figure out how to record a shout without it sounding muffled. In the middle of the recording is the shout. It clearly sounds much softer than the rest but is at the same -4db as the rest of the recording. How do I get the shout to sound like a shout without sounding muffled or breaking the db limit? Using an ES-58 mic.

How about this:

Upping the volume helps a little, (had more headroom than I realized) but I would like to find a way to record or process it in a way that sounds more natural.

How about this then?

If you want it any more “shouty” than that, I think you will need to re-consider your delivery style and re-record.

From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like I need a decent shotgun mic to pull it off. This sounds good enough for now. I’ll keep trying different techniques. Thanks.

That’s Effect > Amplify > New Peak 6, Allow Clipping > OK.

Note that’s the second setting, not the first. Also note that inside Audacity, there is no clipping.

Then Effect > Limiter> Hard Limiter, 0, 0, 3.5, 10, No.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 9.09.08.png
Low to moderate distortion sounds loud.

You may need a slightly lower Limiter Limit To: value to pass ACX RMS setting. We are intentionally making the shout denser and that’s what RMS measures.


Post back if you get something to work.


That sounds good. I’ll try it with other shouted clips. Thanks.