How to record 2 sound imputs and outputs

How to record 2 sound imputs And 2 recording outputs ?

In general you can only record from one “thing” or “device” at a time. Of course it is common to record 2 channel stereo (left & right) at the same time and there are multi-channel interfaces for multi-track recording but that may require a full DAW. Multitracking doesn’t seem to work very well for most Audacity users.

Or, Windows has a playback mixer and with WASAPI loopback you can directly capture/record the mix coming out of your soundcard.

Or there is other specialized software such as Virtual Audio Cable that can get-around the Windows limitations.

What’s the application? What’s the job? Do you want to record four different things?


i use gogle vice and i use to be able to recorded myself and the phone call interview but now I can not do that

through audacity is what i use to record myself and the phone call

Google Voice claims the ability to record a conversation on its servers. Google the instructions. That may be the easiest solution.

I use a handset and a special microphone in my ear plugged into Audacity Mic-In. It automatically records both sides, so splitting an interview up is a little tricky.

Olympus TP-7


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