How to rebuild a voice after deleting noise

Hi, I deleted a noise that was mixed with the voice. Because of that this fragment of voice is a bit different of the rest of the voice of the audio. There is some way of make it more similar?. I don´t pretend that be equal, only decreasing the difference. Someone knows a technique or plugin?.

To remove the noise was necessary to cut these frequences around the 200hz with the equalizator filter curve.

I deleted a noise that was mixed with the voice.

What was the noise? You can surgically rip out a selection of tones like that, but chances are good that the quality of the voice is permanently damaged.

Who was the voice? Any chance of re-recording those few sentences? How about using existing healthy words and through careful editing, reconstruct the sentence?

Did you make perfect quality WAV sound files of the live recording, errors and all? Do you still have it?

Depending on what the show is, you may be able to remove those bass tones from the whole interview rather than just a short segment.


The noise was only in that fragment. I think it was electric noise produced by the micro because the configuration. There is not problem to hear the words, is only that the voice change a lot in this fragment. There are not plugins to make more similars two voices?.