How to re-master.

Hello people… I will be honest in the first instance with you that I am not to clever in understanding how to operate things for medical reasons. Can anyone spare the time to explain to me bit by bit as to what buttons I press (How to operate it) to get some of my wav files to sound like they have been remastered please. I am looking for a more crisp treble and clear but not too heavy bass tones… many thanks for everyone’s time on this. Sid Brighton UK.

Learning how to master music properly takes years of study and experience. It’s not something that we can teach you in a few forum exchanges.

The simplest way to adjust the bass and treble is with the “Bass and Treble” effect:
For more precise control you can use the “Equalization” effect:

When “mastering”, it is important that you can listen to the music through a sound system that accurately reproduces the sound - computer speakers will not give a true representation of the sound. Using reasonable quality headphones is the least expensive way to monitor, though be aware that headphones can often over-emphasize the upper frequencies and make “hiss” far more noticeable than when listening through speakers.

Thank you very much for informing me of an answer Steve.