How To Put Drum Track

Can Audacity automatically create a drum track for me? Nothing fancy. Just like beating time, you know? Like when I push the accompany button on my keyboards and it starts beating away an (awful) 3/4 or 4/4 or whatever ‘drum’ thing…

woops, sorry… I’m using 2.1.2 on win10

There is a metronome option …

thanks. i haven’t looked at it yet but i don’t think that’s what i want. i want a drum tone spaced correctly for the time signature that i can identify on the timeline and use… does the metronome do that? i’ll check…

Edit: I’ve found drum samples n the web and have downloaded a stack of them. I’ve got one drum hit imported into audacity, so that’s good. Now, how do I repeat that something like four times a bar for a 32 bar song - like 128 repeats of it equally spaced… ( with every first and third emphasised ? maybe leave that bit for later )

Precisely* select then repeat.

( * You may need to zoom-in ).

There was serious discussion about splitting Metronome and Generate > Rhythm. You want Generate > Rhythm when we get that far.