How to put black line at the same place of white line

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In the photo below, I move the cursor of mouse on the timeline bar and see a white line appear, how to put a black line at the same place of white line? Is there any shortcut to put a black line at that position? Is not, can we update software to have it?
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In Audacity if you want to select part of the waveform click on the waveform …

click on waveform not timeline

We need to see exactly position before select position, the white line is very important.
On the display 4k 16 inch laptop, the cursor of mouse on the waveform is very small, hard to see clearly position. We need a long white line vertical from the top to bottom of waveform, not a very small cursor. Why don’t we set up similar software Camtasia, Capcut, …?

You can dial in the selection , with sample accuracy, (or video frames if you prefer) …
exactly 1 second

Audacity don’t have function click and drag to tune and put black line accuracy. We need add this function to Audacity, remove looping on the timeline bar and add click and drag to put black line on the timeline bar.

This one will spend a lot of time, not a good way.


It is extremely unlikely that Muse will consider removing click&drag in the Timeline to control loop creation. They deliberately changed it that way and are most unlikely to change it back.

And even if it were changed back them you still wouldn’t be able to set cursor position from a cursor in the Timeline as before Muse’s change the cursor in the Timeline was used to control Timeline Quick-Play. In fact a simple click in the Timeline still does, but formerly click&drag in the Timeline was used to set a Quick-Play region

You are actually seeking the wrong solution: since you want white line accuracy in the waveform, what you actually need is a white line in the waveform (and possibly the Timeline too) when the cursor is hovered over the waveform. That way when your white line is in the required position you just click the left mouse button (LMB) to set the cursor at that position (you way want to set a temporary label at that position too with Ctrl+B).

A designer might (or might not) want to use a different color for the temporary position marker kine from white, in order to differentiate from the white line you get when hovering the cursor in the Timeline.

I, personally, think this is a reasonable request so I will write up an enhancement request for it when I get some time. But there is no guarantee that Muse will decide to implement it.

Meanwhile there is a simple workaround

  1. Place your cursor close to the rewired position
  2. LMB click to set the cursor
  3. Observe the black line
  4. zoom in to your required level of accuracy
  5. use the Left and right keyboard arrows to accurately position the black line (i.e. the current Audacity track position)


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we really should always be showing the “white line” when your mouse is anywhere in the project. Or at least an indication on the timeline.

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Great Leo, do you want/need me to write up a short ENH on GitHub for this?


not necessary, I have it in the design tasks

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Thank you!

We need a long line cover both two channels waveform, detect and left click to put selection line. Please view below link for example video, i recorded from Youtube:

I propose we can add one more line similar timeline close below timeline, when we move the mouse on it, the white line (or blue line) will appear support us detect position on waveform, when we see exactly position, we can left click mouse to put a selection black line.

Another functions we can keep as it is, no need to change.


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