How to protect words-with-hypens against line breaks?

Lisp (Nyquist) symbols have hypens in their names and are really awkward to read if automatically broken into pieces at the end of a line, so the question is:

How do I protect words-with-hypens against automatic line breaks?

In HTML this usually works with … (deprecated but works), but with bbCode I just simply get [nobr]this result[/nobr].

Also word–with–hypens and word[ndash]with[ndash]hypens do not work.

Does anybody know how line break protection works with bbCode in this forum?

I don’t think there is a standard code for no line break. The problem is that it can cause the page to scroll, which is considered undesirable on a forum. For the same reason, many forums limit the size of images that can be embedded, or force a scrolling window for over-sized images.

BBCode syntax includes [br] to force a line break (so the break can be forced at a convenient point), however most BBs (including phpBB) do not implement this code by default as the same result is achieved more easily by just entering a RETURN.

The workaround when reading the code is to un-maximise the browser window so that the auto-wrap position can be easily changed if it falls in an awkward place.
The better workaround if for the person posting to limit the length of lines to fairly short lines.
Neither of these workarounds are very helpful for people viewing the page on a small screen (for example on an 800 x 600 netbook.)

The final workaround that I can think of is to convert the code into an image, but this does not allow copy/paste of the text, and the scroll behaviour is quite annoying.

It IS possible to create custom BBCode to perform &nbsp and non-breaking hyphens, but all such proposals that I’ve found introduce a serious security risk in potentially allowing code injection. Similarly, enabling HTML to be parsed in messages is risky and enabling CSS in messages in considered very undesirable.

There is a mod for phpBBB for a [pre][/pre] tags (for pre-formatted text) but I’d not like to implement such a mod without a thorough check on the code for security vulnerabilities. Even then, would the effect for users with small screens be more annoying than auto-wrapping?

On the plus side, spaces within

 tags are now appear to be preserved correctly (which they weren't before the last forum update).