How to properly handle the mixer board

I am using W10 with the latest version of Audacity. I ask for help with this issue I have
What I do first is to import a stereo audio sample (for example: Manic Depression by Hendrix as in the example photo). Second: I go to the menu bar and click “View”
then I click “Mixer Board” but I only have a single window (as the photo I am including) and I do not have the Manual example window as it says in the section Mixer Board (the second photo I included which has all the instruments like guitar Jimi, Bass Noel, Horns, Keyboard, Drums Mitch).
How can I do so that I have all the tracks of the instruments of an audio?
Thanks in advance for the help
Mixer Board I want 2cnd photo.jpg
Mixer Board 1st photo.jpg

I think most, if not all of your questions are answered in this part of the manual:

Thanks Steve for the suggestion I had already gone to the audacity manual before, so I click where it says mixer board but when I import a song (in this case manic depression) Mixer board shows me only a simple window of the song (according to the first photo I sent).
How can I deploy all the tracks or instruments (guitar, drums, bass etc)? according to what the manual says (the second photo I sent) I have not been able to do it until now, if you have a new suggestion I would appreciate it, thanks

You have a single track showing in the Mixer Board as you only have a single track in your project.

Audacity cannot un-mix your track.

When I created that image for the Manual I had a project with a five tracks - a separate track for each instrument.