How to preserve timecode and filename when copying

Hi there

I think this must be a simple question but I can’t find the answer anywhere.

How do I ensure that a clip “remembers” its original file and position within it when I paste it into a new track? In other words, can clips be timecoded?

i have an interview in three separate wav files. I want to copy and paste clips from those files into a new file to make a rough version. Then I’ll make a final clean edit, for which I may need to go back to the original files for more matieral etc. I’d like to be able to read off from my rough edit which where the original clips came from.

Make sense?

Can that be done in Audacity?

Thanks in advance.


Audacity doesn’t do heritage well. When you import a sound track, the first thing Audacity does is copy the work to its own very high quality internal format. That’s why there’s no Clip Info. There’s no Time Code, either. It transfers content only.

It’s something of a shock to people coming from video editors.

I think it’s still true that Audacity will not consider blank spaces on the timeline as valid and deletes them on Export. Many people generate a silent track longer than the performance as, for example, a bottom track to prevent this. It doesn’t contribute to the show except to keep timeline gaps from vanishing.


That is only true for white space before the first audio clip. White space between clips is always respected on export.


The track name (where the dropdown menu arrow is) bears the name of the imported file. You could manually label your pasted sections: Audacity Manual.