how to playback a piece of a track in version3.1.3

I’m using Audacity to playback midi-files of songs of my choir. At pieces of a track that are difficult to sing for me, I want to place the cursor somewhat back and restart to playback from that moment and then repeat the difficult frase and go further.
In one of the former versions I simply could place the green triangle cursor some seconds back and restart there the playback. In the new version (3.1.3) in this way the restart is always at the beginning of the song.
So, my question is how the restart (after a pause and put back the green cursor) not at the beginning but at a certain point.
Thank you very much for an answer.

It’s a bug that was recently logged:

The workaround is to make a selection in the MIDI track with click and drag - then the selection will play from the beginnibg of the selection.