How to play several song files

Yes a very basic question! I am brand new to Audacity. I have been using Amadeus Pro app as my playback method. But I’ve been having issues with it and may have to upgrade. So I’m trying Audacity today for the first time. I simply want to play several songs in a row so that one song file can be joined to the second and can be joined to the third and they can be played back on a single window, like an album. In Amadeus Pro, I select “Join Files” in Sound column and drag multiple files to the app, and they appear as sonograms, linked consecutively, and one song begins and when finished, the second song plays. How do I do this on Audacity??

  1. Drag the files into Audacity (or “File menu > Import > Audio” and select the files)
    The tracks will appear one above the other.
  2. “Command + A” (select All)
  3. “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End”

The tracks will now play one after another.
When you export (File menu > Export >…) the tracks will be mixed into one file.

You can also use the Time Shift Tool to drag the audio clips.