How to play an album using 2.0.5[SOLVED]

Got the Pyle plttb3u for Christmas and was excited to be able to put albums to pc. Can’t even figure out how to play an album. We get no sound at all thru pc. It is hooked up via usb port. We need to know how to listen to an album and then how to record the album to pc. This software is far more advanced than anything we ever dreamed and only want to be able to listen to the albums and put them to the computer. Not interested in editing or mixing at all. Please help!

One of the odd mysteries of computer recording is that recording and listening are completely different things.

When you play an album and press Record in Audacity, do you get lumpy blue waves and do the red recording meters bounce (yours may not look exactly like this).

Then chances are good you are getting a good, proper recording.

To hear your work click on the speaker drop-down and see where Audacity is putting the sound. It’s not unusual for Windows to misconfigure its sound for USB turntables.


While you may think you don’t want to do any editing, I bet you actually do. If you straight transfer all your albums, they’re going to play like a cassette tape (although much better quality) where you have to plow through cuts 1 to 15 to listen to cut 16. Every. Time.

There is a relatively simple process where Audacity cuts your disk up into songs and then any Audacity CD Authoring Program can reassemble them in the right order with CD chapter breaks.

Or not. This is now your chance to put that one song you never liked at the end.

And to head off another common problem. You need an Audio CD Authoring Program such as WIndow Media or iTunes for Windows. If you don’t do that, the CDs may not play in your car.


Still don’t know how to play a record

You would make things easier for yourself if you read our documentation. If you installed Audacity from the EXE installer, try Help > Manual (in web browser) from the Audacity menus. If you prefer to read online, you can follow Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual .

Restart Audacity.

To listen to the album without recording it, open Device Toolbar and set the playback (output) device to your computer speakers or headphones. Set the recording (input) device to the USB Audio CODEC for your turntable.

Choose the Transport menu (at the top) and look at Software Playthrough (on/off). That needs to be “on” (ticked or checked). If it is not ticked or checked, click it to turn it on.

Then click in the rightmost of the two meters, which is the recording meter:

Now play your album and you can hear it in Audacity. To start recording, press the big Record button.



That helped a bit. We can now hear the album only if we hit record. We still can’t play only. Any other tips?

As Gale said, you can monitor (without recording) by clicking in the input meter, the one with the mic (or by clicking on its little-downward-pointing-black-triangle and selecting Start Monitoring).

I’ve long thought that this is a “well hidden” piece of functionality, not very discoverable - and no visible indicator in the GUI of whether monitoring is on or not… :wink:


That was it!!! Thanks so much WC!!!