How to place tracks into 1 main track by using the numbers of each track

Hi, I’m new to the group and this is my first post. I have been using Audacity for about 1 year mainly for its affects and for cleaning up audio files. However, I want to use it for its ability to use more than 1 track. I’m using it on a windows 11 computer with Jaws or NVDA screen reader running Audacity 3.2.4.

The question I have is there a way to add tracks to track 1 being the main track by using numbers? So, let me explain and hopefully you can help. I see the benefit of Audacity having multiple tracks and I want to use this feature. However, as a person who is blind trying to line up tracks based upon time lengths and adding moments of silence does not appeal to me!

So here is my idea and if there is a plugin or a way to do this in Audacity please let me know. so, in track 1 I would have a text to speech voice like a voiceover voice and in tracks 2-10 I would have samples of sounds that I would like to use in the final project. Could I press x or [ to mark the spot in track 1 where I would add track 2. So, I would press x then type 2 and press enter and it would add a link or joins them together. I would then do the same for the remaining tracks. So, for track 3, I would select track 1, press space to get to the spot where I want to add track 3 and press x to mark the spot. I would then type in 3 and press enter. I could see that the track table would have all of the tracks selected at the end with all of them being unmuted.

So, what you end up having is track 1 with markings in it for all of the tracks. The added tracks would play at the correct spot when pressing the space bar. I would then save it as mp3 file and export. If you know how to do this or know of a plugin that could do this, I would need some keyboard commands.

I’m also a member of the blind audacity group as well. I have not asked them yet, but thought I would first start here.
Thanks, this issue is the 1 thing that really is keeping me from truly using Audacity for all of my project’s.


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